Raj Goel

"Stephen's toolkit has REVOLUTIONIZED our business,  It forms the bedrock of our SOP toolkit, enables us to generate run books and has dramatically lowered the cost of training new staff, while increasing client retention.  It enables us to have MASSIVE PRODUCTIVITY gains and INCREASES PROFITABILITY. - Raj Goel, CISSP.  Author, CyberSecurity Expert"

Linda Lynch

"For years we struggled to get our engineers to create properconfiguration records. They just didn’t see the value in it. It takes time andit was hard to find the correct information when they needed it. Once weimplemented DocToolkit, all of that changed. Now we have a final product thatlooks professional, is well organized and makes it easy for everyone to findthe information that they need. The responses from clients has been verypositive as well. Even the ones who have the information don’t have it as wellorganized as we do and they really appreciate having everything together. Mostimportantly, we are becoming more efficient and that leads to greater profits!"

Charlie Stephens

“The Documentation Toolkit provides a framework for a best practice implementation – where if your best practice changes or refines, your entire documentation environment follows. This is version control on Steroids.”

Iain Enticott

“The Documentation Toolkit brings order to the chaos of managing and delivering on documentation for our clients. It has let me reduce the burden on my engineers managing documentation and allowed them to focus back on the client. It’s a game changer – you need it.”

Richard Trivedi

“I have been searching for a good tool that will help avoid duplicate entries for documentation purposes. The Documentation Toolkit did just that and more. All of our engineers absolutely love this tool. We eliminated 2 tools and replaced them with the Documentation Toolkit which is much more effective and faster.  I highly recommend Stephen’s tool.”