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This April I had the pleasure to be a Sponsor at the Robin Robins Boot Camp.  I have attended this as a member of her Producers Club for many years and have actually been a finalist in her Better Your Best Competition,  winning the Rolex watch and becoming her first ever International Spokesperson.

The trip started as travel often does, with delayed flights (due to bad weather in Sydney) and missed connections (due to the delayed flight).  But fortunately these possibilities are allow for and I arrived in time.

Whilst there I had the privilege to be interviewed by industry veteran, Karl Palachuk.  If you know Karl, you will know that he too is passionate about documentation.  When he posts the full interview I will but the link up here. Below is the write up that Karl put in his regular email:

Add to Your QuarterlyBusiness Review:

Sub-Contractor's Statement

One of the great conversations I had this week at Robin Robins' Boot camp was with Stephen Swavley from Documentation Toolkit - I recorded a podcast with him, but here's a real gem from our conversation.


Stephen has developed a hosted electronic documentation tool. One of the pieces he recommends is something I haven't seen before: A "Sub-Contractors Statement" you can give to your clients.

You are the sub-contractor here. In the U.S. we would probably just call you the contractor. Anyway, the statement simply laysout some basics, like

- You verify that you and your employees have workers compensation, so the client doesn't have to worry about job related injuries

At Robin Robins Boot Camp

- You and your techs have certifications required by the client or their clients

- Your shop is HIPAA compliant and you maintain that compliance

- If the client has need of an insurance liability waiver, you can include that

You should also be providing a copy of your HIPAA business associate agreement, if relevant. And you might want to include PCI compliance certification.

One of my long-term goals for this profession is to become more professional every year. When I hire a contract, the first thing I do is to check the State Contractor's License Board to verify that they are legal in my state and that their insurance is up to date and up to spec. We should do the same thing with our clients!

Stephen recommends including this documentation in the binder you print out every quarter to give to the client. Even if you can't cajole them into a quarterly road map meeting, you can certainly differentiate yourself from the competition with this one!

Stay tuned to SMBCommunity Podcast for the full interview.


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